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Meet 21 year old Mayank Malhotra, a passionate cricketer & an energetic youngster | Khel aur Khiladi

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Mayank is a left arm spinner and a right handed batter. He is a career State player for Delhi. Mayank started his journey by playing for Delhi Under 16 Cricket Team in the Vijay Merchant Trophy in 2015-16.
Following with good performances against states such as Haryana and Punjab, in 2018-19, Mayank was again picked for Delhi Under 19 in the Vinoo Mankad one day trophy, where he performed well. In recognition of his consistent performances and hard work, Mayank was selected to be a part of the Delhi Under 25 Squad for the season 2021-22. With his dedication to the sport and the determination to succeed, Mayank has proven himself to be a promising talent in the world of cricket. In this interview, mayank speaks enthusiastically on importance of little things, value of process, and the ingredients of self belief and attitude. Mayank has many process pointers for youngsters aspiring to be cricketers in Delhi or any other state in India.
Vishu Mishra
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8 April 2023, Saturday
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Know your Host
Vishu Mishra, his first and foremost introduction is as the favorite and trusted student of cricketer and Delhi Cricket Administrator and Stalwart Late. prof NC Bakshi. He has worked very closely with Bakshi sir as his meritorious student fellow in various cricket roles for close to a decade. Vishu has two major triggers to work in sports. First is prof. NC Bakshi And second is his inspirational meeting and interaction with Shri Sachin Tendulkar, and receiving a letter from him back in the days. Vishu has a well rooted background in Sports, Writing, and Science. He is an electrical and electronics Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He is also a working professional with over 10 years of experience in Industry, Corporate & STEM research. Vishu currently works as Senior Research analyst with an indigenous science and technology think tank.
Vishu, has an extensive pedigree in sports - Coaching certifications from International cricket council, national institute of sports KITES, and American council of exercise fitness professional, and several other certifications ( NSDC,NFNA, VSKills, etc) and diplomas in Sports allied sectors (such as - sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports trainer, physical education). He is a third generation sportsperson, coming from a family having background with many national and international level sportspersons( USA National Team, Ranji Trophy, U.P. football). He has been working with Grassroot cricket and at Delhi District level cricket for past 10 years. Vishu is Currently the head of Cricket Education with NC Bakshi Cricket Academies and handles conceptualization and delivery of cricket programs. He is also one of the co-creators of a cricket academy app and web application ( Previously, he was heading operations of DI Khan Cricket Ground, including Principal leadership of Rajinder Nagar Cricket Club and its district participation ( 2019- present) and for Bright Cricket group (2016-22), in its endeavor from Climbing Division C to division A in period 2016-2022. He has also handled various specific roles such as - district team manager, Delhi U19 trials team manager(2022), talent scout, club administration roles and cricket for all; a cricket sports social programme.

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