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51 Invaluable lessons to learn from Sachin | Sachin Tendulkar Birthday Special | Vishu Mishra

1. Love what you Do, Do what you Love - Won the World with a Piece of Wood in his Hands, even Slept with the Cricket Bat. 2. Hard Work Always Pays Off in Life– Was first in Cricket Nets, Last Out. 3. Respect your Opponents and Competitors - Sachin Never Sledged or Abused Anyone. 4. Always Give Back to Society – Like Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, Adopting a Village. 5. Take Risks, but Calculated - Mentoring the Game just like Life Situations. 6. Do Only What is Necessary, Like a Genius – Economy of Movement in Batting. 7. Always be Disciplined and Have Full Preparations – Sachin was Never Late to Practice. 8. Evolve and Adapt to Different Conditions – Sachin Found Success in all Forms of Game and All Conditions 9. Learn to Handle Mental Pressure – Handled High Expectations of a Billion People for 24 Years. 10. No Matter How Good You Are, You Can Always Improve – Got Many Centuries Even Later in Age. 11. Never Give Up -Got Hit by Ball on Face at debutant Age of 16. 12. Always Have a Plan B in Life 13. Know Your Priorities - Refused Captaincy to Focus 100% on What he Does Best. 14. Biggest Strength of a Person can be His Self-Control – e.g. Played Innings Without a Cover Drive. 15. Worship your Work and the World will Worship You – e.g. Going to a Temple like Feeling, Touching the Pitch. 16. Never Underestimate the Role of Practice and Repetitions – e.g. 3 Matches a Day, 50 Day Playing Stretch, and Three Times a Day Practice; Makes You Perfect. 17. You Always Need a Mentor - Don't solve everything for Yourself 18. Stay Dedicated Even in Adversity –e.g. Like He Returned to the World cup After Father's Demise and Played for National Duty. 19. Chase your Goals till the End of Time - e.g. Winning World Cup in 6th Attempt. 20. Become the Greatest Servant of Your Discipline and the World will Call you a Genius, Legend, and a God. 21. Always be Humble - Meet people as Equal and Don't React. 22. Actions Speak Louder than Words – A Silent Man, Full of Action, and Not of Noise. 23. Even More than your Success, Your Nature Matters – Sachin wants to be known as a Good Human Being More than his Titles and Achievements. 24. Family and Friends Support is Key to Long Term Success. 25. Respect your Work, Irrespective of the Optics – Played and Won World Cup, then Went to Play Domestic Cricket, Looks Simple But Walks like a Giant Among Men. 26. Perseverance – ‘Lagey Raho’ 27. In Moments of Crisis, Lead from Front – e.g. Match fixing Scandals, Not Out partnership with Saurav for 250 Runs. 28. Always Inspire and Conduct Yourself when Big – Consider, Another Young Sachin Tendulkar of his field is Watching You and Taking Notes. 29. Mental strength is Bigger than Physical Strength 30. Be a Good Team Player – e.g. Bowled in critical Moments, Stepped Down the order Despite being Best Opener. 31. Respect and Inspire Your Colleagues 32. Be Thankful in Life - in Farewell Speech Thanked Each and Everyone related to the Game of Cricket; whether Big or Small. 33. Be Process Oriented -The Centuries will Follow for a Long Time. 34. Always Analyse and Take Feedback of Your work - Sachin Discussed Every Game to Bits and Pieces with his Brother and tried to Analyse Decisions. 35. Great Men make Others feel Great -Stood Up and Shook my Hand 36. Start Early in life - Always has Added Benefits for Trials. 37. As a Father - Allow your Son or Daughter to Pursue What they Love and Want to Do. Just Like Sachin's Father. 38. Stay True to Your Cricketing Roots and Fundamentals - Whenever in Low Form, Sachin would to Absolute Basics, Also Liked Playing a lot of English Country Cricket. 39. Believe in Yourself – e.g. A Bottom handed Batsman, A Bat Weighing 1450 grams. 40. When you have the Power, be a Good Role Model - Sachin Rejected Several Advertisements like Tobaccos and Cigarettes. 41. Words are Silver, Silence is Gold - Never Spoke on Issues he Din’t Know Much About. Stayed Off Controversies. 42. Age is Just a Number - Became the first man to score 200 runs in ODIs at the Age of 36. 43. Never be Afraid to be Original 44. Face the Challenges Head On-hit Andrew Caddick for Longest Six, hit Shoaib Akhtar for Six Over Point, Took to Best Bowlers in the World. 45. Stand with Your Colleagues and Juniors in Moment of Crisis - Sachin stood with Harbhajan during the Monkeygate Allegations, Wrote on the Greg Chappel Issues. 46. Rise up to the Occasion -Best Performing Player in ICC Tournaments, Knockouts Stages, Finals, Maximum Number of Man of the Match and Series Awards. 47. Take Criticism Gracefully -Heavily Criticised during his Low Phase but Never Reacted, Kept Working to Make a Come-Back with His Bat. 48. Love your Country and Your Hometown 49. If you are truly a Champion of your Field, you will be embraced by the People Unanimously and Unguarded ~ Mike Tyson 50. Honesty - 51. Take Meaningful Actions and Endeavors - Supporting Child Education, Sports, development Sector Work. Sachin – A Silent worker

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