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Former employee of a prominent bank & his aid arrested in forex card fraud | Sagar Singh Kalsi, IPS

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A complaint from a user of Forex Card was received in North District in 2022 wherein she alleged that while she was in United Kingdom, she came to know that Rs 11 Lacs Approx loaded/recharged in her Forex Card were fraudulently withdrawn. Upon arrival in India she filed a complaint with bank and Police. On enquiry it was found that several such incidents also took place with several other Forex Card Holder of the Bank. Subsequently, a complaint from Bank was also received with similar facts. On enquiry it was found that registered mobile number & e-mail ID of the customer were changed after calls received on customer care and money/recharge amount was then transferred from old card of user to a new card. Subsequently, Rs 64,05,496/- were withdrawn from various locations of Thailand in month of April & May 2022. A case vide FIR No. 280/2022 Dated 12/12/2022 U/s 420 IPC PS Bara Hindu Rao was registered and investigation was carried out.
Sensing gravity of the offence committed with a prominent bank and offence being first of its kind, investigation was taken up by a dedicated technically sound team of Special Staff, North District led by SI Rohit, ASI Rajeev, ASI Harphool, ASI Jag Om, HC Amit, HC Devender, HC Shripal, HC Rakesh & HC Bharat under supervision of Shri Ajay Kumar, Inspector Special Staff and overall supervision & guidance of Shri Dhermender Kumar, ACP Operations which is equipped with all possible technical gadgets & software required for dealing a crime which was committed over a period of 3 Years and across 4 countries. During investigation all data related to Forex Card transactions was collected from bank. Thousands of calls to customer care were looked into and listened for hours to identify calls related to alleged forex cards calling. Mobile Numbers were identified, and locations of calling from alleged mobile number to Bank Customer care were visited. A team also worked on data related to travel of India Passport holder to Thailand on particular dates. From the technical surveillance based on Call Details Record (CDR), Internet protocol and other forms of technical surveillance, one person was identified, who was present on all locations from where calls were made to customer care of bank. Data related to travel history of Indian Passport holder to Thailand between specific dates was also collected and matched with data related to technical surveillance, wherein accused was identified as Sonal Resident of Pachim Vihar Delhi.

Subsequently, the team was placed to keep a close watch on suspect Sonal. It was also found that Sonal departed for Thailand again in April 2023, following which teams were place on Airport for tracing movement of Sonal. Upon his arrival in India, alleged Sonal was apprehended. During interrogation, accused revealed that he collected Forex Card holder details and Forex Card form one Paras Chauhan who was an employee of Bank in 2019. Paras provided details regarding transfer of money from one card to another. Accused Sonal and another co-accused Sandeep Ojha arranged sim cards for calling and started calling Bank Customer Care from February 2022, first from Sector 137 Noida UP and them from Pachim Vihar Delhi. Accused also disclosed that he and Sandeep Ojha travelled to Bangkok Thialand in April and May 2022 where they withdrawn money from ATM using Forex Cards with the help of one Thai National, Anurak. Money was then sent to India using Hawala and Cricket Betting. Accused living lavish lifestyle and was repeatedly travelling to Thailand post withdrawal of money. Accused also disclosed that earlier also money was withdrawn from Hongkong and Dubai in 2019 using similar method. Accused Paras Chauhan also disclosed that he was Consultant, Sales & Operation and was well known about process of transfer of money from one card to other card. He also disclosed that he provided Data of Forex Card Holders and Forex Card to Sonal against a Handsome Amount.

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